The Space Race

The Apollo Program also known as Project Apollo, was a series of manned missions to the moon. The first mission (Apollo I) ended in a disaster on the launch pad when sparks presumably from damaged wires roared in the pure oxygen environment of the space module. The program was created to meet the president’s challenge to get men to the moon by the end of the decade.

The First 10 missions tested the technology of the Saturn rockets. The model of Saturn rocket that went to the moon was the Saturn V (5). The first Apollo craft to land on the moon was mission 11 (Apollo 11) and they continued to send men to the moon for six more missions. Apollo 11 was the famous mission where Neil Armstrong said his famous quote “That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” when he stepped onto the lunar surface.

Apollo flight 13 was a flight that was meant to go to the moon but the rocket has a malfunction and NASA had to find a way to bring the astronauts home. On the last three missions astronauts rode a moon rover on the moon. The Apollo Program was a major victory for the United States in the space race it was one of the major points in the race that America could get to first.

The Saturn V rocket was a three stages rocket used on most Apollo missions. The first two stages would lift the command module into Earth orbit. The third stage would lift the rocket into orbit around the moon. Once in orbit the fairings would detach and the command module would spin around (with RCS thrusters), then it would connect to the lunar module. After that, they (lunar and command modules) would detach from stage three. The lunar module would detach after two of the astronauts would transfer into it, then landing on the moon. After the astronauts completed their samples and experiments they would go into the lunar module which would lift off the moon and rondevoux with the command module.

After the two astronauts transferred back into the command module they would undock from the lunar module. Once the astronauts were heading towards earth (in the gravitational field but not in orbit) they would detach the service module which had the engine among other things. In the end the command module would splashdown in the ocean for recovery.